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macbook professional – Requiring system restart for web to work each a number of days

Utilizing my Macbook, I connect with the safe Wi-Fi on the hospital the place I work, and the web normally works superbly. After a number of days of sleep-wake cycles, the web will get slower. Finally, I’m unable to even connect with Wi-Fi. I restart my laptop, and it really works again–for a couple of days. And the cycle continues.

It’s fairly inconvenient to restart my laptop each few days. Turning Wi-Fi on and off doesn’t work. Deleting the Wi-Fi community and reconnecting doesn’t work. All that works is a system restart. The Wifi is secured with WPA2 Enterprise. The Diagnostics constructed into the OS reveal nothing in any respect. My house Wi-Fi, and some other Wi-Fi community doesn’t have this subject, even with out restarting for months.

I’m utilizing a 2023 Macbook Professional with a Apple M2 Professional chip, operating Ventura 13.4. Curiously, I had the very same subject with my outdated Macbook Professional, which I used to be utilizing up till 6 months in the past. I attempted calling the IT service desk, and so they had no concept easy methods to assist. I have no idea of any of my colleagues with this subject.

Are you aware what’s going on and easy methods to repair it?

If not, is there any option to restart solely the networking? As I discussed, turning wifi on and off doesn’t clear up the issue; there have to be a option to do a “deeper” restart of the networking that might simulate what occurs once I restart the pc.

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